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HI5 Task Force | A DCS Community | Looking For Mission Designers | Looking For Active Members | All Planes Welcome!

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HI5 Task Force | A DCS Community

Who Are We? 

 - HI5TF is a semi-serious group dedicated to sustaining an welcoming and engaging community for all to join and fly DCS. We aim to grow our community and grow as a team, gaining more experience together.

 - HI5TF will host a dedicated DCS Open Beta multiplayer server with a dynamic PvE mission running at all non-operation times.

 - HI5TF will host weekly public missions with detailed objectives per flight.

Where Are We

 - We are a NA based community however accept all members from any region, if you can contribute we'd love to have ya on board!

 - You can find us on our discord: https://discord.gg/at5TPPMQtQ

 What We Are Looking For

 - HI5 Task Force is a brand new startup DCS community. Our current goal is to build a player base on our Dynamic PvE server, as well as active participation in our weekly operations and other events.

 - Being a new startup, we are looking for mature, and active members to join & help grow the community. We are focused on unity with a team growth mindset!

 - We are looking for mentors to help coach others in the community to bring out the aviator in them and master their craft!

 - As we grow our community, we aim to open squadrons which members can apply for. Thus we will be looking for leaders to take over said squadrons.

 - We thrive off community feedback so let us know what you think!

 - We are looking for active mission designers to develop a operations sector.

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