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Importing a profile merges with defaults

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I am noticing an unexpected behavior where even if I have cleared all assignments in the column for the target controller, it restores the defaults before applying the additions in the contents of the .diff.lua file. Unless the .diff.lua contains 'removed' sections for each of the defaults, they are restored. This creates problems when defaults may have changed from when the .diff.lua was created or if it was created from a different controller.


It would be more appropriate for DCS to merge the incoming .diff.lua into what assignments are current. If the user has cleared all mappings then an import should only add ones that the .diff.lua contain for 'added' sections and defaults should not unexpectedly be merged with them.


I've attached a .diff.lua created by https://www.hotasdb.com. It has this issue because it cannnot know about what defaults to remove when constructing its export.

F-86F - VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Throttle.diff.lua

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