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I'm a n00b with the scripting stuff. I've got a multiplayer mission with the GCICAP working but the commands to set the over head do not seem to work as well as any option to set takeoff/landing, they all just spawn in the air. The AI do successfully intercept the client aircraft, and also stay in their cap patrol boxes until the red airspace is violated so I know the system is working (partially at least) I'll attach my LUA. Any help is appreciated.

A2A DispatcherGCI.lua

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Try this method, maybe it will work for you.  It does for me but I just cut and paste things with no real lua scripting knowledge....


(change the variables to match yours)



--GCI CAP script

A2ADispatcher = AI_A2A_GCICAP:NewWithBorder( { "SIADS" }, { "SAF" }, "Syria", { "Capzone" }, 2 )

-- Setup the squadrons
A2ADispatcher:SetSquadron( "Al Qusayr", AIRBASE.Syria.Al_Qusayr, { "SAF 825" }, 2)
A2ADispatcher:SetSquadron( "Aleppo", AIRBASE.Syria.Aleppo, { "SAF 3" }, 2 )
A2ADispatcher:SetSquadron( "Palmyra", AIRBASE.Syria.Palmyra, { "SAF 1" }, 2 )
A2ADispatcher:SetSquadron( "An Nasiriyah", AIRBASE.Syria.An_Nasiriyah, { " SAF 595" }, 2 )

A2ADispatcher:SetSquadronCap( "Palmyra", Capzone, 4000, 10000, 500, 600, 800, 900 )
A2ADispatcher:SetSquadronGci( "An Nasiriyah", 900, 1200 )
A2ADispatcher:SetSquadronGci( "Al Qusayr", 900, 1200 )
A2ADispatcher:SetSquadronGci( "Aleppo", 900, 1200 )

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