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R1 M03 - second half after save point

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I had an issue where after my failed A/A refueling attempts. When completing pre contact with Texaco there is a mission message that a save point is created and you can return to the mission with full tanks. I made about 20 minutes worth of attempts at refueling.


I quit the mission then selected end mission. When going back into the campaign from the DCS campaign selection menu, the mission advanced as completed and put me to mission 4. I was not able to complete the second half of the mission.


Should I have instead chose to "fly again" instead of ending the mission?

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Hey, unfortunately this doesn't work as intended, though I have an internal fix ready for this. For the time being, @JIGGAwest just pause the campaign and run M3A from campaign folder to start behind the  tanker on the way to the AO or M03B to start on the way back.

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