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Is the Spitty Overbraked?

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I've no idea but it feels that way to me I've reduced the brake lever to 60% and can still do everything that's required without the hand stands


Just wondered what others thought

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From reports about flying the real thing, the tail is very light and noseovers and embarrassing prop strikes are a constant hazard. Search for “flying the Spitfire” or similar, they nearly always mention it. In fact if you read flight reports from other warbirds quite often when they mention the brakes if the tail is heavy they’ll say “not like the Spitfire”...

I have the brake button mapped to the pinkie lever on my Warthog and quick press and release works OK. The brake key seems progressive, if you press and hold then pressure builds, if you press and release you only get light pressure.

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I know that this is not mkIX but it gives idea how easy to nose over it even without brakes.

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The tail is supposed to be light.  The problem lies in using a button to brake. I have it mapped to a toe brake axis and almost never have this problem.

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I'm actually using an axis, but still had ocassions when the tail lifts, perhaps I'm just ham fisted.


My point was you can nose it over during taxi, which IMHO seems a little excessive, but maybe that's how sensitive it really is


Thanks for the video @grafspee I've seen it before but thanks anyway for going to the trouble.


In that incident it looks like either the trim was wrong, the stick was forward or the pilot hit an unven piece of ground or pothole. I did something vaguely similar with a motorcycle when I hit a pothole a while back, much to my embarresment.


The aircraft appears to get the tail up quite suddenly and (although it could be the angle) very slow


Just curiosity really, I'm going to leave it at 60% for now, I haven't conducted distance tests yet I'm sure that they'll be impacted. Its just a lot more controlable and the reduced virtual/in game axis to physical axis results in finer control with the lever


Thank you all for going to the trouble to explain

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