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More reactive ground units

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Ground units are really passive and mindless in DCS. They never really react to anything other than scattering if a friendly nearby is hit. If they see a missile being fired at them, they won't pop smoke and reverse into cover, (or use other known countermeasures like ir dazzlers, see below) they keep attacking even if the rest of their entire battalion is destroyed, They don't find hull down positions or retreat of overrun.

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5 hours ago, Xilon_x said:

even tanks use chaffs and flares as countermeasure systems.

in DCS chaff and flare for tanks I haven't seen them


I've never seen tanks fire flares (as countermeasures) and chaff. Chaff would be fairly useless for tanks, as the majority of missiles fired are optical SACLOS, or are laser guided (either semi-active or beam-riding). Obviously the AGM-114L has a mmW active homing mode, but never seen a ground vehicle chaff dispenser.


Much of it is just smoke (blocking optical and IR sensors), and in some cases IR dazzlers (mostly to disrupt SACLOS missiles like TOW and HOT). Then in more modern vehicles they might employ EW (mostly against remotely operated IEDs), as well as more advanced camouflage schemes like SAAB barracuda.


Of course there's also things like active protection systems, particularly hard kill.



But yes +1 to the OP, it would be better to see vehicles react in a more appropriate way, instead of fanning out in the same pattern and deploying smoke (with a pretty bad effect) when hit. Among other things. 

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