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Is every single dial/brightness adjuster missing it's keybind? like the formation light brightness

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Am I right in saying that there are no key bindings / Axis assignments for any of the dials in the AV8 cockpit? I was looking to assign potentiometers to them but to my surprise they are not in the controls list.  Is manipulating the LUA the only way to get around this?


 These are the ones I mean:


- Formation lights brightness

- HUD brightness

- Video BRT 

- Video CONT

- UFC brightness

- EDP brightness

- RWR control knob

- Expendables Dispenser Control Knob

- ECM (Electronic Countermeasure) Control Knob

- ICS (Intercom System) Auxiliary Volume Knob

- ECS (Environmental Control System) Cabin Temperature Controller Knob

- Instruments Panel Brightness Knob

- Flood Lights Brightness Knob

- Warning/Caution Annunciator Lights Brightness Control Knob

- Console Lights Brightness Knob





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