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Hi. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I hope this helps to make the campaign better.
Answers to some of your questions:

- Each player has a level of realism that he wants to see in the game DCS World and it is different for everyone. What one likes is not liked by the other. 
  If you have your own level of realism that you expect from the game, then it may be better to wait for video reviews or reviews on the forum before buying.
- In the description of the campaign written by: Musical accompaniment in each mission. I made it possible to disable it if the music distracts someone from the game. 
- AV-8B Night Attack is designed for attacks in the dark and therefore there are several night missions in the campaign. 
- I think everyone understands that you need to know how to use the main systems and weapons of the aircraft before passing the campaign. 
- Before completing the mission, be sure to read the briefing.
- How to contact the characters from the campaign, there is information in the tablet and the briefing. Radio menu F10 / Others / Radio / <Character>. 
- Don't forget to use the wingman. Radio menu F10 / Others / Radio / Wingman/ <Wingman>. This will make the campaign much easier to complete.
- Loadout can be changed in mission planer or in the mission itself. 
- I have increased the time for completing some tasks. It will be easier to complete these missions.


Known issues::
- 3 mission. The helicopter does not land after the report on the destruction of armored vehicles at the 2nd point. Fixed it. Waiting for the patch.
  Temporary solution: After the message "Find and destroy armored vehicles and air defense systems in the laboratory" , try to destroy them within 2-3 minutes and report immediately on the destruction.
  (You can use the AGM-65G). You can skip the mission until the next patch.
If it is difficult to complete one of the missions or a bug is found in it, then you can skip it. 
Create a placemark on the F10 map and enter: "skip" (without quotes). Then go to the radio menu / F10 / Settings/ Skip the mission.
You can also change the laser code to 1771 and you will see an item in the radio menu: Radio menu / F10 / Skip the mission.


Changelog DCS

- Marks of the main targets on the map F10.
- Simplified of several missions.
- Increased time for completing tasks.
- Basic dialogs play automatically if the player is idle.
- Ability to turn off music in the radio menu.


I am ready to consider your comments and suggestions. If you find a bug, write to me. I'd appreciate it.
I treat constructive criticism well, but I do not welcome trolling and will delete these messages. (Forum Rules-1.10). Be polite. Thanks!

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