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[W.I.P] Comparison of nightly cockpits: before and after recent update?

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There is some discussion here about the A-10C cockpit visualization at night.

Some people say „I’m fine as it is“ others have issues.

I did a comparison between 2 nightly A-10C cockpits: old version vs. new one.

(scenery was CAU, Batumi RWY at 23h / 11 p.m.)  Mobdro


Left image is a screenshot taken from an old stable version (  VidMate and the right image was taken from the recent open beta (

The following settings were equally applied to both shots:


cockpit flood light: to max

gamma: max = 3.5

brightness: 50% on my EIZO monitor (FS2333)


I hope this comparison helps to understand the issues some users have.

A professionell monitor will probably have more possibilities to adjust the brightness levels, but I'm not sure it's hardware only.

One (simple) reason for the darker cockpit might be the fact, that the flood light setting in the new cockpit seems to have almost no effect.

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2 hours ago, MaclimRakesh said:

and the right image was taken from the recent open beta (


The OpenBeta has been updated to 2.5.6 almost exactly one year ago (the Stable followed in May 2020). Besides the missing images, maybe you should redo the test in an up to date version?

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Calibrate your monitors properly please. Seriously. Everybody.


Not having your monitor calibrated and complaining about "too bright/dark/saturated/pale" is like having an uncalibrated joystick and complaining its off to somewhere and it must be fixed in game in direction X - the next dude with an uncalibrated joystick will tell you the opposite off-direction depending on how off his is.


You. Can. Not. Compare. Outputs. Of. Uncalibrated. Devices. Period.


Calibration is a process that ensures stuff is displayed the same way across different devices so you get the same result. You simply won't see the "real" cockpit as how it was actually engineered when you run uncalibrated monitors. That's why it is "too dark" for people. Guess what ED'S graphics dudes' monitors are? 😉 The pit is not too dark. It really isn't.


Sharing some gamma values or pictures showing "how dark it is" won't work for above reasons. Really. 99% of folks don't calibrate and set their monitors how they feel. Depending on monitor brand and settings an image might be okay for one and too bright or dark for someone else.


If i crank up MY monitors' brightness to 100% and contrast down to 5% the cockpit will be waaay to bright and pale ON MY MONITOR but what does this tell for other folks perception on THEIR monitors with THEIR settings? Nothing.


Calibrate your damn monitors finally. Please. Until then, any "too bright/dark/whatever" discussion is of no means. Really.


... and NO, it does not matter that much how expensive the monitor is... developers running expensive (calibrated!!!!) monitors is to eliminate any inaccuracies during production so folks will have a "pure" base result that will show perfect in perfect conditions. By calibrating you ensure you come as close to that "pure" result as your monitor is capable of.


I btw run a shitty 150€ monitor atm and the cockpit is just great for me when it comes to visibility*... but i got my monitor calibrated properly. That's the difference.


*(apart from the quirks of cheap monitors like having a shitty grey/black point or being backlit uneven, having "clouds" and the like, but that can't be fixed software-wise. It's just a consequence of running a shitty cheap monitor)



Hardware: MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX | Ryzen 5 3600X (6*3.8 Ghz) | 16 GB RAM | MSI Radeon RX5700 | Samsung SSD 860 QVO 1TB | Win 10 (64-bit) TM Warthog HOTAS, MFD and rudder pedals, TrackIR5

Wishlist:  Northern Germany/Baltic Sea theater | DCS level Su-25A or SM

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