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Ground crew, maintenance, and other personnel

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I guess I'm probably just missing the Navy this morning lol, but isn't there an option in a few of these games to play as ATC? I would love to see an option to play as a plane captain in the line shack, or a maintainer in a shop. So much more goes on on the ground crew side of things, and I'd bet anything that it would attract some players. Aircraft failures could come from things missed during inspections; a mid-flight failure would seem less random if you can land and find the reason it happened. Ground crew would have to direct aircraft around on the deck, purple shirts would have to re fuel jets instead of just starting with a full tank, unless of course it was fueled at shutdown. The more I think about it, the more I come up with lol. With how advanced DCS is, adding something like this could turn multiplayer into an entirely new beast.


DCS could simulate every aspect of military aviation, and make it cool as hell along the way! 

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I would imagine this would require a completely separate 3rd party developer to be completely dedicated to the ground support side of DCS.

As much as I would love ground crew to see more support, its been pulling teeth just to get the Supercarrier deck crew sorted with lighted up wands for example from the ED side of the house...

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