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DIY F18 instrument panel dimensions

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I want to build some panels for the F18. I have acrylic, plenty of tools, and plenty of time and know how, but I do not have clear plans or dimensions. I really like the one that I keep seeing that seems to be made specifically for the F18 in DCS. I can't find any kind of layout info on google after my 3 minutes of looking so I'm giving up and asking the internet lol. I included an attachment of what I'm talking about, but I'm open to any ideas. 

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Can't see an attachment, but the standard console panels (best demonstrated on the right console) are 5.75" wide, and a multiple of 0.375" long.


If you have a prod around in the Home Cockpits section you should be able to get some good info - Mustang I think it is has plans out for Hornet panels.


Failing that, I've attached the baseline spec you need (MS 25212) for panel sizes.


Hope that's a start for you.

Panel Size.PDF

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