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Big FPS drops and stuttering scince a few patches :(

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Hey guys,


I have big Fps drops and stuttering scince a few patches.  Doesn´t matter if it´s SP or MP / Heavy mission or just one aircraft above the sea in Caucasus. My FPS is normaly arround 60-80 but it drops to like 1-9 fps from time to time (like every 20-50 seconds) It stays like that for just 2-10 seconds and then i get my 60-80 back. It´s fucking anyoing and i never had that problem before. I believe it started a few updates ago, maybe around early January. It´s kinda unplayeble for me especially when i get just a picture for 10 seconds...


I updated my graphics card drivers yesterday but it didn´t changed anything

Is anyone of you having the same problems scince a few updates? 


I am playing on a "normal" 1080p monitor (non VR)


Ryzen 5 1600

GTX 1070

16GB 2400mhz Ram






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I am having similar issues. It's most noticeable when:

  • on ground (airport)
  • engaging in close combat (<3km) and on deck

I've tried updating my nVidia drivers, but the issue is still there. It happens more often in MP but also in SP.


i5-4690 (clocked to 4.2 GHz)


GTX 1660 Super (4GB)


Cmptohocah=CMPTOHOCAH 😉

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Trying to play in the MP environment with your system specs, is going to be your issue. 


But even us with 32Gb RAM and mid-to-high end machines are seeing FPS drops too. 

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make sure your pagefile is set hi enough 


and disable hotplug devices. 


In controls you should see the disable hotplug button. 



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