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General heli avatiation recomendations

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Im searching for good YouTube video's and books about general heli aviation.

In particular i would like to learn more about landings, flyouts with strong winds etc.

I would be glad for aby recomendations


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For real life helo flying, yes definitely Pilot Yellow on YT. For DCS tips with the Mi-8 specifically, vsTerminus is a very good guide.



Keep in mind that as far as I have noticed, LTE (loss of tailrotor effectiveness) isn't modelled properly in DCS. That, or the heloes we have at the moment can simply power their way through it since I never encountered an issue in that regard.

But even then, I still try to fly as if it was there, taking wind direction into account as much as is feasable...

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Jolly_pilot on youtube.

Not instructional but some great footage of a search and rescue pilot flying pavehawks.

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