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CSAR script doesn't work correctly for ejection event.

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Hey! Found a problem with MiG-21bis in CSAR script. When mode 3 is used in the script (limiting the number of lives) and the client connects to a remote server, during the ejection, lives are not deducted, if you don't eject the canopy before. If you run the server on your PC and connect as a client, then there is no such bug. There is no problem with other aircraft. Has anyone encountered such a problem?

I know the scripting problem is not a direct module problem, but with all other modules there is no such problem. MiG is again becoming a black sheep. Perhaps this problem is related to a canopy ejection bug, which was solved a long time ago, but apparently in some non-standard way.

VR Pimax 5k+, i9-9900KF, RTX 2080Ti, RAM 32GB, SSD 970 EVO+ 1TB.



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