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A function for importing triggers from other missions

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Sometimes if you have a campaign with a number of missions and want to change something in the triggers that is the same for all of the missions you need to do the same adjustments in all the missions. The ability to import triggers would also be usable when building missions because you could then re-use a mission structure you built for one map on another, you would not need to do every single trigger again.


It could function like this:

In the trigger list you mark all lines you want to replace with tick mark of some kind, or red color that is already in the ME now.

To not make it unnecessary complicated it could be limited so you only can do this at one place in the list, meaning that you can mark as many lines as you like as long as they are next to each other but you cant spread them out. You then pick another mission file and then the function replaces the lines you marked with the lines that are in that other file. In the other file you would need to make sure that there only are the lines that are to be imported/replaced, kind of the same way as static templates function now. If you only wanted lines added and none replaced it would need to be a way to mark where in the list it should be imported, perhaps by marking just one line in red and klicking a button "import before red line" instead of "replace red lines". It should also need to function so that if a trigger that contains a unit that is not in the mission it is imported to it should just not be dropped but instead be added but the unit involved would just automatically be set to the first one that is in the dropdown list, something starting on A probably.


This would be a big help for mission designers, perhaps this could be done as a external utility, I cant program it myself though sadly.

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