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MFD Text and symbology messy with latest update V2.5.6.61527

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Sorry to beat a dead horse here...


I know this has been posted serval times.  But, the solution to a previously offered "fix" is not clear or defined.

other posts related to this bug have been marked duplicate or FIX.


The recent update had made no change to this issue.


My setup:


4k main rendered screen

1920*1080 secondary rendered screen for MFD exports (dedicated screen)  700x700 MFD exports

This export setup works for all other aircraft I own modules.


The following solutions have been offered for MFD exports:



@RAZBAM_ELMO posted:


From our lead dev on the matter:


"YEs it is a known issue. it is a problem with the stroke (SVG) system. Fortunately it can be fixed in code, but it is a case by case basis. What is happening is that we are using a fixed thickness and fuzziness value when the display is exported.


static const double thickness_fix = 1 / 0.8;
static const double fuzziness_fix = 1 / 0.5;

if (purpose == CURR_PURPOSE_GENERAL)
//Normal stroke processing for inscreen display
//Exported displays values
shaderLineVariableParams.thickness = 8.0 * thickness_fix;
shaderLineVariableParams.fuzziness = 3.0 * fuzziness_fix;


This solution looks like this may actually do something. But there is no reference as where to put this fix. I read every thread I could locate.

Not one filename, possible folder, or possible file location for where to make these changes. 


Would someone please identify the file or the folder to make this change?


Solution 2: This solution works for readability, but the STORES page is affected and you can't read the ordinance.



NON Solution 3: This fix breaks my aircraft. folds the wheels on start and the cockpit is empty

I have to delete Display_StrokeDefs.LUA and run a DCS repair.


MFD issue.jpg

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