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Authorisation Failed, lost all my modules.

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I updated DCS Open Beta tonight and then when it started up again all my modules are gone. This is the error that shows up. However its not just the modules listed. I am back on the basic game without any modules I bought except for campaigns.

I checked my firewall "MS Defender" and there is no sign that DCS is being blocked.

Cheers Bossco


I'm not sure why but this got fixed with a complete re-download and re-install of DCS OB. I did have to re-install Windows 10 after a system crash two weeks ago. This was thanks to a crash during AMD driver install due to a 6800xt I bought having a corrupt vbios, check the forums. I installed DCS from a backup I keep. Something within the module files must be out of date. Or maybe even was linked to my previous Win 10 install. Either way this fixed my problem.

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