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just upgraded from 1.5

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hi all, iam just finally upgrading to 2.5, the reason i waited for so long is because i had older hardware and wanted to wait. but just got donewith new build.  but my questions are these.

 on my  version 1.5, i had a total of 6 controllers mapped to about 40 different switches (i have a few used aircraft panels i rewired) , can i use the config files for those controllers on this new version?


and also, i had some monitor LUA files that I spend hours making just perfect for my setup, as i used 4 different displays which 3 are small 480x680, can i use my 1.5 monitor files in 2.5? or will i have to redo that all. thanks for the suggestions and help.



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Generally, it should carry over for the most part. It will depend on the specific plane you're using and how much it has or hasn't been changed. If your primary plane was one that was in dev and likely received substantial updates, you'll probably have to redo your controls.


The export LUAs for displays should all work, though, I'd think. You'll just have to try it and see. There's plenty of folks around that can help you make a new one if needed.

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ok thank you, yes its gonna be difficult, it seems my old config files dont work for controllers, and i just upgraded to a 27 inch monitor on my main. so now i have a 27 inch and two 800x460 hdmi screens that i had the mfd and other thing i forget on. and i have to remap 57 switches lol. thanks for help. once i get this all configed i will be running a 24 hour server like i did on 1.5.

 Iam a game hoster,and have access to high end servers, but i dont know if they made a linux server version yet for this.

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