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TWS should default to AUTO from STT; MAN otherwise

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Current Behavior. TWS scan centering currently remembers the last scan centering mode (AUTO or MAN) when switching through modes (e.g. STT or RWS).


The one exception where it is correct right now if both a) STT has been entered from RWS and b) TWS is entered via the TWS pushbutton (PB10), AUTO will be selected.


Intended Behavior. Instead, it should behave as such:

  • When entering TWS from STT, either via pressing Undesignate, selecting the RTS option (PB5), or the TWS option (PB10), the scan centering mode is automatically set to AUTO.
  • When entering TWS from RWS or (when eventually added) VS, the scan centering mode is automatically set to MAN.


I PM'd Bignewy. Thanks!

TWS AUTO MAN defaulting bug.miz.trk

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