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Issues dedicated server.

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1. When i try to run a dedicated server I get an error on Syria map and Channel map.
   I was under the impression that  it was not needed??


2. I'm not able to use the WebGui to load missions. Have tried to make a missions folder in saved games but no luck.

   Am I doing it wrong.


3. Trying to run the server with the "- w xxx" switch, it starts the server but then it hangs.
     Also tried it with the "--norender --server" switch.


Only if I use the dcs_updater.exe will it run ... but still not able to load missions




2021-02-17 13_24_19-corsair - TightVNC Viewer.png

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It seems that I have solved most of the problems ...


Prob#3 Was down to that I had moved my Saved Games folder, DCS Server did find the folde and make a new folde using the -w but it would not start properly.

So I  moved the Saved Games folder back to the USER folder


Prob#3 also seems to have solved Prob#2, but the misson files have to reside within Saved Games folder.


Prob#1 Was solved using --server --norender


Now I have a new problem ... I want to run multiple servers. I have set them up with different ports in serverSettings.lua.

I can run each server alone, but if I try to run more than one, only one is on the server list and only that one can be reached with WebGUI

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