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Setup-screen broken after setting to 3 monitors

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Hi guys,


I´ve connected 2 Tablets via SpaceDesk and set the monitor-setup to 3 monitors. Now the whole application is a small bar in the middle and I´m unable to reach the OK-button in the setup-screen. I can set it back to single-monitor, but without OK-button, I cannot confirm.

There should be some kind of recovery. The aspect-ratio was set automatically and looks a bit weird. The screenshot shows my entire 23" 1920x1080 display.


Best regards...




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I could help myself with a workaround.


This is, what I did:

  • Open the folder, where DCS is located in
  • go to Config\MonitorSetup
  • Make a backup of the settings-file which corrosponds to your selected monitor-setup (in my case 3Cameras.lua)
  • Open 1Camera.lua and copy all the content
  • Open the settings-file which corrosponds to your selected monitor-setup (in my case 3Cameras.lua) and remove all content...
  • ...then insert the content of 1Camera.lua
  • Save the file
  • Start DCS (Application shoul be expanded over the whole screen again)
  • Go to the setup-screen and fix your setup by selecting the values, you want to have
  • Copy the backup of the overwritten file (from step 5-6, in my case 3Cameras.lua) back to Config\MonitorSetup in yout DCS-directory to repair the 3-screen setup
  • MOST IMPORTANT!!! --> Take a breath and anjoy flying 🙂


@ED: Being unable to recover broken settings from the UI and being forced to mess-around with the config files is still a bug! So guys, your not reliefed 😉 Happy bugfixing!

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