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Make your F16 ICP for under $20

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I am currently developing cockpits to be able to fly VR with the positioning of the controls at real scale.
I have chosen for the moment 2 aircraft, the F16 and the F5.
I wish to use only microswitches and a few potentiometers to operate my panels with the idea of optimizing the cost and the space taken by the whole.

The whole unit is driven by Arduino, entirely realizable with a 3D printer and with the minimum of soldering. There is no PCB to make, a system based on 3D printing and self-adhesive copper tracks allows to quickly and easily make the different instruments.
The first one to be built and functional is the ICP of the F-16, here are pictures of the finished product, which costs less than 20 dollars for the ICP without the HUD case.



If you want more information visit HERE


Everything will be explained to obtain the files without obligation to purchase.





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  • did2kan changed the title to Make your F16 ICP for under $20

Less than $20 vs. almost $400 for the Viper Gear ICP? Is the engraving that $$$?

Aerocool Mid-tower, Gigabyte Z390 Master MB, EVGA 1000w PS / Intel i9-9900K @4.7Gz - Nfortec Hydrus V2 Liquid CPU cooler - Noctua NT-H2 Themal paste

32GB Kingston HyperX DDR4 3200mhz / 1TB M.2 Crucial Boot Drive (DCS World Beta installed here), 1TB M.2 Data drive, 1TB WD SATA drive

Gigabyte RTX 2080 w/ 8GB - Nvidia 461.40 drivers /3 Samsung LC32G53TQWUXEN 32" 2560x1440 at 144Hz  / Win10 Pro Ver. 20H2 - Build 19042.804

TIR 5, CH Fighterstick / Pro Throttle HOTAS w/ MTWSims Sensors and Mainboards - TM MFDs / ICP by Sebastian

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1 hour ago, GaryR said:

Less than $20 vs. almost $400 for the Viper Gear ICP? Is the engraving that $$$?

I don't know, but with 3D printer and a little work, you have a functionnal ICP 😉

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13 minutes ago, Nikolas_A said:

Engraving is not the only difference...

Of course, it is not the same finish, it is an alternative for those who want to be able to equip themselves at a lower cost. As I fly in VR, this is enough for my needs. 😉

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