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Tiny Extension for Caucasus - village Leningradskaya

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Hello ED Team,

I would like to start by saying I have very big respect for Dcs, it's a beautiful platform I've spent hundreds of hours on enjoying what you have created. Thank you for creating this masterpiece.

I understand I'm in no position to make any requests, but on the off chance that whoever reads this woke up with a good mood, I would like to try.

The map Caucasus holds a very small town north of Krasnodar called village Leningradskaya, or станица Ленинградская.
It is even named on the map, but unfortunately it is not modelled, as its just flat land with just roads, no houses or details.

I don't know much about game development, but I don't think placing an extra 10/20 houses on the map would take more then an hour of work, and I understand it would be a waste of manpower and resources to do this as you most likely dedicate your team to monetized maps, but I hope I can convince you otherwise.

I always tried convincing my girlfriend into trying dcs, it's her birthday next month and doing a flyby around her home village would be a very interesting present which I'm sure would spark interest in her. She always watches me play DCS and if I fly over her town, Im sure it would be something to remember.

It would mean the world to me if you guys added the few houses and add the physical part of this small town.

I would also love if you got back to me and not let this letter slide, even a no would indicate this would not go ignored.

Thank you very much for reading,
Yours sincerely,

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Welcome to the forum, I will pass on your feedback to the terrain team, but can make no promises, our Caucasus terrain is feature complete.


best regards




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