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SA342L - 20mm Ammo Type

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I noticed with the new update that the Gazelle 342L now has an option for ammo types. I'm curious if there is any consensus on the best "general-purpose" ammo type to load. I'd probably default to combat mix 4x HE and 1x AP-T for MOST engagements that you might find yourself in with the SA342L (IE COIN operations or light targets). I'll try some tests later on, since I'm curious about the performance of SAPHEI. I'm also curious as to what the "default" ammo type loadout was before this was made an option. 



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Depends on what are expecting to see in the mission. I have tested SAPHEI against infantry and light-ish APCs, and it seemed to perform appreciably worse than HE or AP against their respective intended target, but at the same time you are not shooting 4 useless and 1 useful round depending on target type.


Personally, while I haven't heavily tested it yet, if I would be facing mostly infantry and trucks, I would take 4 HE + 1 AP mix. SAPHEI shell's blast radius seems really smaller than HE as far as I can see.


Still though, if expected threats/targets are varied between soft skinned and light armor, SAPHEI is the only option even if it takes more careful aiming then HE against soft targets and AP agaist harder ones.


If however, you know that you are going against mostly soft stuff, pure HE definitely beats other options.


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