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Plans for campaigns after the Mig-21

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The next one will be a series in Iran that will happen in August  1991 at the same time with the coup d'etat in USSR. So between the Iraq War and the No fly zones. This will be a Navy Marines only operation and will have the AV-8B as the first plane in it. The premises being that the gulf nations threatened by Iran are not allowing coalition military planes to transit their airspace.  All this happening while the Admiral Kuznetsov is in the Gulf and surprisingly it is working and functional 😄 


This will be a shorter campaign, just 15 missions, the whole scenario could be used for F-14's, F-18's and why not, A-6's. I'm already at the mission 4 being tested and tried right now. They are still in raw format, no voices briefings or anything polished yet, but the skeleton is there. 

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