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[USER ERRROR] cannot take off from carrier - plane seems tied to ship - was wheel chocks

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I'm petty sure I am not doing this wrong because I have tried it in a few missions including the carrier take-off training and the plane just will not move.


Ahh just figured out it is the wheel chocks that need to be removed before you start your engines!

There is no mention of this in the training mission, I think it need to be added to the instructions because I cannot be the first person to be confused by this! 



Mods I use: KA-50 JTAC - Better Fire and Smoke - Unchain Rudder from trim KA50 - Sim FFB for G940 - Beczl Rocket Pods Updated!

Processor: Intel Q6600 @ 3.00GHz

GPU: GeForce MSI RTX 2060 6GB

RAM: Crucial 8GB DDR2

HDD: 1TBGB Crucial SSD

OS: Windows 10, 64-bit

Peripherals: Logitech G940 Hotas, TrackiR 5, Voice Activated commands , Sharkoon 5.1 headset. ,Touch Control for iPad, JoyToKey

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baltic dragon is working on the training missions as soon as the harrier is feature complete, or he would have to do this stuff over and over again.


wheel chocks is ED working on to be able to remove with engine idle, not a Razbam bug but a ED feature that needs to be 'set' correctly.

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YEs it is known and ED have said that its working internally so on the next update we should see it. Marking this as USER ERROR and moving to RESOLVED

Know and use all the capabilities in your airplane. If you don't, sooner or later, some guy who does use them all will kick your ass.


— Dave 'Preacher' Pace, USN.

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  • RAZBAM_ELMO changed the title to [USER ERRROR] cannot take off from carrier - plane seems tied to ship - was wheel chocks

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