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Hi guys.   So there is a fix for this but no instructions on how or where to put the downloadable files.   


So when starting the aircraft with quick start the plane with crash the game and well Its how I start the plane.  I don't know the procedure how to do it manually yet.    You can find the fix but I do not know where these files go.   it comes as a mods folder and within that there is a aircraft,  then a Mirage and finally a few other like cockpit and ext.....


My question is do I just need to put the files into mods or do I need to put each one into there respective places?

Keep in mind I am not very computer or tech savvy.  I am trying to learn,  If anyone out there could tell me what I am suppose to do in order to get my game to stop crashing when I Fly my Mirage that would be great


Thanks in advance


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Hi @CaptainRamrod1. I've just flown with some friends and some of them were flying the Mirage. They had no crash. I don't know what mod you're talking about, by the way.

We need your log files to understand your crashes.

  1. Go to "C:\Users\username\Saved Games\DCS...\Logs"
  2. Find the most recent ZIP file here
  3. Attach it in your answer (drag and drop)
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