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[RESOLVED] Mirage 2000c issues. how to install fix?

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Hi there guys.   


New to this and bad with computers so I am asking for some help.  


I am wanting to fly My Mirage 2000c, In DCS.  I get into the aircraft and about 30 seconds later after using the quick start or auto start it will crash.  Now I have managed to find out that in the last update there was an issue with this and there is a file out there now to correct it. The file is a Mod folder but within it there is a aircraft, then cockpit,   So I downloaded that file and put it to my desktop.    My question is do I put the folder into Mods or do I need to open and put each folder into its place.     Any step by step instructions would be appreciated as I would love to fly this Mirage again soon.   When I downloaded the fix it did not come with anything except you would need those files for the fix.   So if you could help me out with basic instructions for a guy who isn't very good at this it would be greatly appreciated


The fix I found was here in the dcs forums if that helps


Thanks in Advance

CaptainRamrod1  Wayne 



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Auto start crash fixes in most recent update. Marking as RESOLVED and moving to RESOLVED

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