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Hey to all


Is it possible to be a JTAC commander in Single player? I mean to guide an AI aircraft to the target. Is there any tutorial or something?


Thank you 

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hmm nah JTAC is solely used in MP, it would be awkward in SP since the AI can't communicate properly with you. You are not be able to use pointing device for example and the whole point of the job is to deconflict your assets, provide talk on... On the other side, you have many human pilots willing to play CAS, check my sig, it may interest you!

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It could probably be done with sufficiently advanced triggers and scripting, but it would not really rely on any actual communication or accurate spotting/lasing/smoking targets. It would rather be a matter of having lots of individual vehicles that are set to be invisible to the AI unless you run through the scripts and put smoke in remotely the right spot at which point the target becomes invisible and the AI does its standard attack against it without any further help or guidance from you.


It would mostly just be slow and rote and not at all related to how well you do your thing.

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