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Dynamic Package Briefing for player coordination

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Hey all,


I'd love to see either a DCS feature or external 3rd party application that would accommodate dynamic package briefings.  With the increase in Dynamic MP campaigns and the longer missions (Blue-flag/DDCS/RedStorm etc) I am seeing in server lists, there seems to me a lack of direction for folks joining after mission start. The general briefing can always stay but I am thinking more of a briefing that is accessible where the packages and info change in response to the mission needs.


I envision a tab accessible from role selection that can be clicked and pertinent flight/package requests can be selected.  A player could then select a role within that package / time hack.  This could achieve a few things:


  1. Increase more coordination of flight packages. CAP flights preceding SEAD for example. SEAD preceding CAS etc...
  2. Increase player matching in the packages.  Player A and Player B may never have flown or taken off together but now they are in a scheduled package for 1700 hours lift off.
  3. Broaden communication usage.  The flight package communication info would be listed along with targets.  This would introduce some efficiency to comms for side missions.


Maybe this is something that could be used by anyone occupying the commander or JTAC slots.  Thus making it an attractive feature for Combined Arms.


Just floating the balloon into the ether....



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