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FPS and performance


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13 hours ago, Coxy_99 said:

... Ive never had no issues...


If you are a dedicated pilot, a team player ... join us !!!


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13 hours ago, Coxy_99 said:

Here try this, Yes no problem nothing personal i swear all the time. Ive done everything you suggested. Ive never had no issues with Syria til now thats the problem.

dcs.log 73.4 kB · 4 downloads


Please try this to test. 


rename your dcs folder in saved games C:\Users\owner\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta to C:\Users\owner\Saved Games\DCS.openbetabackup


run a full cleanup and repair 


restart dcs, a new dcs folder in saved games will be created, copy your input folder from the backup to the new one only. 


disable hotplug in controls settings


adjust your options to your preference


then test, with no scripts running or anything else ( srs / tacview ect. ), a vanilla install, do you see a difference then?






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What was your out come . 

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