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I gave the Fw190A8 a try and i own the ME109, Spit and P51. Honestly, no matter what you do, the ai are still op. They still can climb almost vertical while I run out of power. I have now tried every warbird, but I am not able to outperform the ai generally

X-Plane 11.5x / DCS 2.5.6 / P3Dv5 / Aerofly FS 2 / War Thunder


Win10-x64 | ASUS Z390 Maximus VI | Intel i7-9700K @3.6GHz | Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB DDR4 | 6TB SSD Samsung 850 Pro | 2TB M2 PCI 4x | ASUS GTX 1080 ROG STRIX 8GB DDR5X | TM Hotas Warthog | Saitek Combat Pedals | Oculus Rift S

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Forget about the AI, especially a dogfight with the spitfire.

they barely drain energy  with maneuvers and are capable of climbing in an absurd way, impossible maneuvers for a human, never overshoot in defense maneuvers and not to mention aim and deflections shoots.

Then you can destroy part of the plane but they keep flying like nothing.

need to work a lot on AI, try with a human pilot, will see the diference

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I don't find it all black and white. The AI's FM performance varies with the skill level setting. I fly mostly Bf-109K4 and FW-190D, and I have set up a number of missions flying against various AI. With the Bf-109 I can defeat P-51D, P-47 and even the MiG-21bis without too much trouble. The Spit is different. I can defeat it at Rookie level; but at any higher level it flies as if it had no mass, unlimited manoeverability and no G force issues. Even if I can get behind it, it will just climb like a rocket or manoevre so wildly that I either overshoot or lose all energy so it can escape and attack.

The FW-190 turns poorly, so there is no way I can beat the Spit or the MiG-21; but I can beat the P-51 and the P-47. You have to stay high until you are in attack position.


Windows 10 Pro 64Bit | i7-4790 CPU |16 GB RAM|SSD System Disk|SSD Gaming Disk| MSI GTX-1080 Gaming 8 GB| Acer XB270HU | TM Warthog HOTAS | VKB Gladiator Pro | MongoosT-50 | MFG Crosswind Pedals | TrackIR 5

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