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I just so happened to get a recording post mission with some friends after landing and rearming from a2a to a2g. I noticed my bomb line in ccip is either sideways, going upwards, or straight ahead in my hud...mission date is in 1992 and ins knob is in ifa. I'm not sure what happened but bombing the target was impossible due to the fact the fall line was every way but down..also wind set 5knts for mission out of the west


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I had this yesterday on the Harrier. CCIP line going inverted (upwards, that is common) but then as well sideways and did same that it looked as it would have been "toward" me.


So if it is same effect on Hornet as Harrier, it should then be in DCS core itself..... And so on other modules as well.... Right?


So far I have had the normal problems in Harrier, but if this is on Hornet too, it should be checked.

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ok so I may have figured it out...I'm not sure. We had a hot start at the beginning...and even though its a 1992 mission...it defaults to nav alignment (pos ins) when I *assumed* it was IFA (pos ains) since I thought gps should be available post 1986, probably wrong....maybe the ins degraded overtime, the video took place around 2 hours after mission start...so maybe that was the issue? Only thing I can think of.

1 hour ago, Stearmandriver said:

Good news!  This is one of those bugs ED has previously reassured us (myself and others who have reported it) doesn't really exist.  So no worries... just CCIP away!  😁

or its just this =P

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