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Hey erveryone!


Since yesterday I'm exploring the "trigger system" of the ME. Before that I only did some basic static missions and now I am trying to explore the for me unknown terrain of triggers.


Now I ran into the problem, that I am trying to setup a simple 3 player multiplayer mission.

What I want is that, whenever a player joins a message will be prompted...

Unfortunately I cannot get this to work.


I tried different triggers, but nothing works.

I tried the trigger "at mission start", but then no message is displayed at all...🙄


The only trigger that displays the message ONCE is the one of the screenshot. But it is prompted only once... I want it to work, whenever a player joins.


I presume the problem lies in the "trigger event: no event"... but I just don't get it!


Thanks for your help!mission#5.jpg


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