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EFFECTS - Flak Burst dissipation time

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Would it be possible for the dissipation time for the WW2 flak bursts to be increased to around 10 seconds?
Players currently have some trouble identifying when they are being bracketed by flak due to how fast the flak bursts disappear. Real life bursts hung in the air for at least 7 seconds (the historical film is cut short, so it would be longer)
In DCS the bursts last only 3 seconds.

This would be a big help for WW2 mission maker as it is partly responsible for some of the flak-related complaints.


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On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/philstylenz

Storm of War WW2 server website: https://stormofwar.net/



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A known bug Phil, the visual effect 'sprite' (for want of a better word) for the 88mm flak explosion at some point in the recent updates got changed to that of the 37/40mm effect. It used to look like this:



I asked about this on the ED WW2 Discord server and Bignewy said the bug was reported.

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We are looking into the bug mentioned above, and we do have flak improvement's coming. 


thank you

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Aha, glad to find this thread.  I was flying Operation EPSOM last night, and was completely puzzled how the light flak was following us up tp higher altitudes above 6000 ft.  I knew the old 88 puffs, and these seemed to be light flak.  

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Flak improvements....???


I’d say that “uncanny” (ie computer controlled) accuracy of ground / ship based AAA needs to be toned down.  Same goes for air gunner accuracy in the AI bombers

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