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Knight Hawks Recruiting [Training Program for new pilots].

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Knight Hawks Are recruiting new pilots

Who are we: The Knight Hawks are a E-TF branch squadron who focuses on training newer DCS pilots For Air to ground Missions and OP'S.

How We work: The knight hawks have weekly training's on Saturday and Sunday 

The Training program has phases:
Phase 1- (cold start, basic formation form ups, and landing patterns)
Phase 2- formation (strict formation parade etc.)
Phase 3- Carrier Qualifications (Case 1 and Case 3)
Phase 3.5(Tomcat Only)- Aug 9 Radar 
Phase 4- A/A Combat (BVR, ACM, BFM) 
Phase 5- A/G Combat
Phase 6- Long Range Strike 
Phase 7- AAR 
Phase 8- Basic Check Flight

Where we are: We are international and we normally operate Between 1200-2100 Zulu.

How to Join: You will Have to join the discord and Fill the application and then You will have to get a interview with and admin, After the interview you will be given a call sign and inducted!!

For Anymore questions You can join the discord and have a chat with us.

Discord for Squadron: https://discord.gg/EdWuumM


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