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F 18 clock not sync with takeoff (T/O) time

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Hey guys has anyone seen a problem with the internal clock in the F 18 on the Nevada map? With a T/O time set to 1243L the game opens up and you start the jet and look down after checks and the Zulu clock is reading 2035 which is strange. there also seems to be a 12 minute difference in the time I set in the weather program (for start mission) to the time I set for T/O. Sounds crazy but if I alter the start mission time it pushes the T/O time by 12 minutes without any input at all, it just changes has anyone seen this happening? I tried uninstall and reinstall but that 12 minutes is sill there, strange. And since your clock does not appear until engine start you would have to guess at re-setting the time for the mission is it 4 minutes past start time or is it 6 minutes pass start time? to set the clock to the correct time. Also makes setting up a RZ with a tanker hard if you want the Tanker to start on the ground and head to the RZ point. I haven't flown the NV map in a few months maybe there has been a few changes so... I set up a round robin from Nellis to RZ with a tanker short story the tanker flew to point four and turn around and head back to base, strange it T/O on time but did not fly the mission real strange. 

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