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Two Thumbs Up for "The Big Show"

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Just finished "The Big Show" Campaign, and can strongly recommend it for Spitfire lovers.


Starting in spring 1943 and ending in July 1944, Reflected's done a really nice job of providing a wide variety of missions, weathers, locations and challenges.  No two missions feel the same.  You really feel the RAF's progression from long cross-Channel escort missions into the teeth of an active and dangerous Luftwaffe, to growing air superiority and preparation for D-Day, and the sharp transition to the "cramped shoebox" of the Normandy bridgehead.  Circus, Rodeo, Roadstead, NoBall, Rover, Scramble - all examples of different RAF missions that are covered at some point during this campaign.  In addition, there are PDF documents for each mission with additional historical research not included in the actual briefings.  


Having just finished the 12th and last mission, I now feel like I know the Spitfire LF Mk IX inside and out.  Off to tackle Operation Epsom next, but this is a great campaign.  Don't miss it.  

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Hi Istari6,


Thanks a lot for the feedback and the kind words. I'm happy you enjoyed The Big Show. Stay tuned because soon I'll have a big announcement about this campaign 😉


Epsom is GREAT, you're going to love it. It's the campaign that made me want to design campaigns too.

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