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I've looked to find anyone else complaining about this problem, but there only seems to be one other post that doesn't have a conclusion on it.

I have a little mission set up on my server where my friend and I fly around and do whatever, but for some reason, our GNSS is never green and ready. We get no satellite signals, and there's always a 'Nav Error' at the top of the ABRIS. Is there any reason for this? Have we set something up wrong?


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This may be completely unhelpful, but the truth is, my experience with the issue is extremely limited (Happened once in an editor mission that I was testing on Syria for the first time)


Long story short, I placed a Ka-50 at Bassel al-Assad airfield on one of the helicopter pad positions, yet after mission start it automatically moved the aircraft to a different start position on one of the primary aprons. This caused a Nav Error message to prompt on EKRAN.


It must be said, though, that I didn't think to check the other information on the ABRIS, so I can't tell you if the scenario is an exact match.


The solution for me was adjusting the start position so that the aircraft actually took off from where I'd placed it in the editor (I.E. I picked a parking spot on one of the aprons).

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