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I am trying to learn the Hornet and using Overkill's videos to guide me along.  In the referenced video below, at 10:03, he opens the radio and creates aircraft as targets during the mission itself.  Can someone point me to how this is done?  Thank you.







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Probably just did it with the triggers. Its pretty easy to setup. Place an AI aircraft, tick the box for "late activation". Then go into the triggers and make a trigger that occurs sometime around mission start for "Radio Item Add". Make one for each group you want to spawn in, give it a unique name since that is what will be displayed, and set each's flag value to be something unique. Then for however many groups you have make another trigger that is basically Once> Flag X True> Group Activate (whatever group) and Radio Item Remove. 


Basically what happens is you select the radio item, which sets a flag, which when true will activate a group, and then remove that option from the menu. You can also do that with the scripting engine and also make things a whole lot more complex. The upside of doing it via the editor is it is simple, but the groups can only be activated once. With scripting that limitation doesn't exist, but as I said, it can be a bit more complex.  

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