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Scripted Refueling / Re-arm / Repair?

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Hi all,


   is it possible to use ME to repair, re-arm or re-fuel a player-controlled unit? For example, I'd like to implement an 'easy aerial refueling' - if you stay within 100 feet of the tanker for a minute or so (easy to do in ME), your plane's fuel is topped off (no idea how to do that). Same with easy re-arm or repair: if you stand for 30 seconds within a 100 foot radius on a base (easy), you are re-armed and repaired (how?) - without having to shut down and later re-start the engines. 

Is there an easy way to accomplish one, two or all of the above?

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There is no such functionality that exists like that in the scripting engine. The closest thing to it is to respawn the aircraft, which doesn't work on "client" aircraft and thus only works in single player. Plus it'd be like a fresh airstart jet where you can't read or set the avionics to whatever state they were last in. 

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