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Spawning Units from SuperCarrier in Dedicated Server.

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Hello Everyone. I am getting some strange behaviour from AI that have been spawned (Using MOOSE) at air start over a super carrier. 
If Multiple groups are spawned, 1 will always ignore its Mission and immediately RTB.
However its never the same Group, its always random as to which one will RTB.
IF I load the same mission into a Dedicated server, then the First Unit of the spawned group will Carryout its mission, While every 2nd unit in the spawned Group will RTB.
If I run the same Scenario, with the same spawned Groups but spawn them from ANY airbase, their is no abnormal Behaviour. This issue only occurs when spawned from SC.  
There is no errors occurring in the logs.
If anyone has encountered such problems before please let me know as this has been driving me nuts for a while now.


Server Track file.


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I have locked down the bug I reported earlier. AI units spawned using MOOSE from a Super carrier at AirStart will exhibit abnormal behaviour

if the mission start time is does not allow case 1 recovery.


In the attached Test Mission. the spawned group will behave normally when mission start time is set to 19:30 (Dusk)

If the mission start time is changed to 19:45, then 1 unit from the spawned group will immediately RTB, while the other carries out its instructions.


I believe that this is a DCS bug, as opposed to something in MOOSE as the fault does not occur when spawning from any other airbase.

If the units are changed to SU-33 and the airbase changed to the Kuznetsov, The AI group will behave normally.


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