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Frames per second dropping to 0 in multiplayer

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 I've been having trouble playing multiplayer due to fps dropping to 0 on busy servers. It's not very a consistent issue, sometimes I can play for about 20 minutes at about 30-40 fps before I start having issues. The game runs at around 90 fps on single player, and around 60-70 fps on a less populated server. I've been trying to troubleshoot for quite sometime and am running out of ideas. I adjusted settings in game, used system monitoring software to locate what may be slowing the system down (didn't see anything obvious to me), and have checked here and other forums but haven't seen anyone mentioning having the same problem. I also tried recommendations for the VR issues other have had. I'm only using a monitor, no VR for me. Any help would be appreciated.


My specs:




RTX 3070


Internet speed is about 400mb/s down and 22mb/s up, my ping in game is around 45



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