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DMH and Steering Cue Wrong

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Screen grab shows navigating to Kobuleti: Bearing 252, Desired Magnetic Heading (DMH) showing as 255 in the CDU. Marker on HUD is showing the same. However, wind is at 173 i.e. left to right, so surely i should be steering a heading less than the bearing not greater. Velocity marker in HUD is showing drift to the right which is as expected with wind at 173 and is showing SP to left of centre as expected when steering DMH255 to a steer point that is at 252. I think there is a bug where the DMH calculation has a sign error . 


Flying on from this point if you steer to the marker you are constantly having to adjust to the left. If you of set your course the same amount the other way the FPM and SP mark align and you flight straight there with no adjustment needed.

DMH error.png

DMH error.trk

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Lot of people (me included) reported long time ago that the Caucasus map is not properly oriented. As a result of that lof of calculations are a mess. It seems that the error matches the magnetic variation (6-7 degrees in Caucasus map). I you fly strait to any waypoint (no wind centered on hud), you will see it on TAD on the left side. Still unresolved.

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This is already reported to the team, 


I do not have an update on this issue currently however. 


thank you


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