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Found a cheapo handheld wireless trackball on Amazon and have just hot-glued it to the top of my warthog stick. (Hot glue having the advantage of setting totally rigid in seconds and being fairly easy to completely remove - I use it all the time in my workshop for temporary jigs)


Ok, looks a bit weird but works well and positioned there it doesn't get in the way of any of my stick controls.


The trigger in the loophole is left click, which is nice as you can click while your thumb's on the ball, and there are 2 right click buttons one either side of the scroll wheel. The top buttons are hard coded as escape and enter.

Taking a bit of getting used to but I already prefer it to reaching for my desk mouse in VR.

The hot glue bond is actually strong enough for me to be able to manouver the stick while holding it by the trackball grip



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