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Hello all,


I noticed the icls is not working on the hornet after the last January update.  I created a simple mission wanting to try landing in various weather conditions.  I set the carrier to broadcast icls and tacan.  The tacan works.  So I then went into the f18 missions and performed a case 1 recovery.  turned on icls and input channel 11.  Put in the right channel for tacan.  went to hsi and highlighted tacan and ils boxes.  Again tacan works, but not the icls.  I do not know if there is a bug with the latest update, or if there is an added step that I am missing.  ICLS worked fine until the Janaury update.  Anyone else have this problem or tell me if it is user error on my end???



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Ive noticed that sometimes the first carrier waypoint doesnt always register with tacan/ils. My solution was to create a second waypoint very close to the first. Also make sure that every carrier waypoint has the advanced option checked for activate ILS.

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I literally landed in a CASE3 with the squadron on ICLS 10 minutes ago. It's working flawlessly.

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