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I should know this, but can’t remember.  Is there a setting to make the HUD info stay in place while I lean forward with Trackir?  Also...... can I change the HUD font to be juuuuuust a little bit bigger?


Not connected, but designing a mission in FC3, I found I only had the one grey skin to choose from for my A10a. Feels like I’m missing the place where the options is at. 🙂




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No, you can't change HUD font. The HUD is designed to show to the pilot the right size and correct info from the point just where his eyes usually are. If you lean forward the HUD info has to stay the same true to what it represents against the background (focused on infinity), not to fill out its frame. If you want to have the HUD info filled out to the frame edges all the time you'd have to disable all but the X and Y TrackIR axes and bind zoom to Z axis.


In Mission Editor try to turn off historic mode (clock icon on bottom bar) or different country for that A-10A.

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