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Eclipse Task-Force [Red Devils] Recruiting!

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Eclipse Task-Force [Red Devils] is recruiting!

Who are we: The Red Devils are a E-TF branch squadron who focuses on Air to ground Missions and OP'S

How We work: We do Weekly missions and OP'S which are PVP sometimes they are PVE but Mostly PVP.

What Aircraft do we operate: We primarily Focus [F-18C, F-16C, JF-17, M2K, F-14B, F-15C, SU-27] But we do not restrict pilots to anything, as they are allowed to fly anything they like.

How to Join: You will Have to join the discord and Fill the application and then You will have to get a interview with and admin, After the interview you will be given a call sign and inducted!!

Where we are: We are international and we normally operate Between 1200-2000 Zulu.

For Anymore questions You can join the discord and have a chat with us.

Discord for Squadron: https://discord.gg/EdWuumM

Eclipse Task-Force JF-17 Special. - YouTube

E-TF logo new.png

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