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Ability to use proper Soviet Topology maps in Mi-24 (and other Soviet aircraft)

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I am little worried that kneeboards and no the Mi-24 navigation boards are using a American navigation charts etc.

While there are Soviet own topology maps available to be used.


DCS topology map for Mi-24 #2.jpg

It would be nicer and more useful to have a more properly detailed maps for the area, as the US charts that are in game are fairly.... well, lets say terrible.  This is about everything anyways, from TAMMAC to F10 map and so on (that we would get proper digital maps and possibility use own map data), but on Mi-24 the proper map would be nicer to use, especially considering there are such details in DCS map that are required for proper combat missions and CAS operations as you need to be able read the map by individual house detail and each road and so on. That is not possible at all in the US maps as there basically is nothing like that.


So Eagle Dynamics should generate a own 60-80's style topology maps based to their real DCS map data of buildings and all.

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