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DCS steam no sound folder

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I am trying to install a sound set for the ATC, ground crew and wingman etc that will make them sound British, however, it says to install the files into Sounds\Speech\Sound\ENG\Common\


Now I get that it may be referring to the non-steam edition, however, is there a folder like this or at least a sounds folder where all the voices etc are kept in the Steam edition, I have searched all over Programfilesx86 etc and all I found was a folder called "sounds.edc" but this is obviously not what I'm looking for. I have also looked in DCS under saved games, no luck there either.


Any help would be appreciated.

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You should be able to get that working using this path under your SAVED GAMES folder.  "C:\Users\XXX\Saved Games\DCS\Sounds\Speech\ENG\Common"


Note that its not Sounds\Speech\Sound\ENG\Common.  The Sound folder was dropped some time ago.

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